Film School
A film school is a generic term for any educational institution dedicated to teaching moviemaking, including, but not limited to, film production, theory, and writing for the screen. Usually hands on technical training is incorporated as part of the curriculum, such as learning how to use cameras, light meters and other equipment. Most schools are tied to existing colleges and universities, often in art or communication departments. Some are privately owned and not tied to universities, such as technical schools offering associate degrees.

Various debates have raged over the years on the importance of film school in allowing one to enter the film industry. Of course, examples can be offered from both sides, as directors Francis Ford Coppola (UCLA Film School, MFA film directing), Martin Scorsese (NYU Film School, MFA film directing), and George Lucas (USC Film School, MFA film directing) graduated from prestigious film schools, whereas Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, and David Fincher had no formal college film training.


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Drama School or Acting School
A Drama School is a higher education college which specialises in the vocational teaching of drama (i.e. acting, musical theatre and technical theatre). Students at such a college are normally awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) at the end of their studies.

The courses offered by drama schools are heavily based on practical work, after all, their aim is to train students as professional actors for stage and camera work. Students are required to be enthusiastic and motivated in order to meet the demands offered by the course. At the end of the final year (usually the third) most drama schools stage a series of performances throughout the academic year to which agents and casting directors are invited. This helps to build the future of the graduates and serves as a showcase of what the students can do.


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